7 Scents Perfume – 100ml | Amethyst Aura | Eau De Perfume | Unisex Fragrance | Exquisite Indo Luxury Perfume (AMETHYST AURA)


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7 Scents Perfume – 100ml | Amethyst Aura | Eau De Parfum | Unisex Fragrance | Exquisite Indo Luxury Perfume (AMETHYST AURA)

  • Welcome to the world of 7 Scents, where sophistication and impact meet in captivating fragrances.
  • At 7 Scents, perfumes are more than just fragrances; they’re statements that leave a mark.
  • Our mission is to make you “Get Noticed,” with scents reflecting your uniqueness.
  • Elevate Your Presence with 7 Scents

    Crafted for Individuality, Noticed by All

    • Indulge in the artistry of 7 Scents, where each fragrance is a unique masterpiece, tailored to complement your distinctive personality. Our refined brand is designed to enhance your everyday moments, ensuring you feel noticed and cherished. Embrace the elegance within and discover the luxury you deserve with 7 Scents
    • Premium Accessories

      • Signature Chain Charm: Experience the epitome of luxury with our perfume bottles featuring an exclusive 7s chain accessory. This exquisite addition not only beautifies the design but also adds a touch of sophistication, making it a statement piece.


      Imported Spray Pumps

      • Crafted in Italy: Elevate your fragrance ritual with our specially imported spray pumps from Italy. Renowned for their precision and craftsmanship, these pumps ensure each spray is a sensorial masterpiece, enhancing your overall experience.


      Diamond-Inspired Design

      • Distinctive Elegance: Our bottle design, inspired by the brilliance of diamonds, stands as a symbol of opulence. Crafted to perfection, it not only holds captivating scents but also serves as a stunning accessory, reflecting the premium quality within.


      Luxurious Packaging

      • Perfect for Gifting: Our packaging isn’t just a vessel; it’s an exquisite presentation, making it the perfect choice for unforgettable gifting moments. The beautiful design and luxurious charm of our boxes add a touch of sophistication to every occasion.


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Amethyst Aura is a floral bouquet that feels as a spring morning. 7Scents ensures you Get Noticed with a lasting impression.

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