Wella Professional Sp Balance Scalp Mask-400ml



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Wella SP System Professional Balance Scalp Mask 400ml

Wella Professional SP Balance Scalp Mask (400ml)

Soothe and Rebalance: Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask (400ml)

Treat your scalp to the ultimate care with Wella Professional SP Balance Scalp Mask. This 400ml mask is specially formulated to soothe and rebalance your scalp, leaving it refreshed, revitalized, and ready to showcase your beautiful, healthy hair.

Gentle Scalp Care

Experience the gentle care your scalp deserves. Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask is designed to soothe and calm, providing relief to irritated and sensitive scalps. Enjoy a moment of tranquility as this mask works its magic on your scalp.

Rebalance for Optimal Health

Promote optimal scalp health with the rebalancing properties of this mask. Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask helps regulate the scalp’s natural functions, ensuring a harmonious environment for hair growth and vitality.

Refreshing and Invigorating

Feel the refreshing and invigorating sensation as you apply Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask. This mask revitalizes your scalp, giving it a burst of energy and leaving you with a clean, comfortable, and rejuvenated feeling.

Professional Scalp Treatment: Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask (400ml)

Elevate your hair care routine with the professional touch of Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask in a substantial 400ml size. This scalp treatment provides a luxurious and effective solution for those seeking a harmonized and healthy scalp.

Deeply Nourishing Formula

Immerse your scalp in a deeply nourishing formula. Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask enriches your scalp with essential nutrients, promoting a balanced and well-nourished foundation for beautiful, radiant hair.

Suitable for All Hair Types

Experience the versatility of a scalp treatment suitable for all hair types. Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask caters to a wide range of hair care needs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a revitalized and balanced scalp.

Easy and Effective Application

Enjoy the ease and effectiveness of applying Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask. The smooth and creamy texture ensures effortless application, allowing you to incorporate this professional scalp treatment seamlessly into your regular hair care routine.

Harmonize Your Scalp: Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask (400ml)

Step into a world of harmonized scalp care with Wella Professional SP Balance Scalp Mask in a generous 400ml size. This transformative mask offers an experience that combines gentle care, rebalancing properties, and professional treatment for a scalp that radiates health and vitality.

Visible Improvement for Your Scalp

Witness visible improvement as Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask works its wonders. This mask harmonizes your scalp, leaving it with a renewed and improved appearance that reflects its optimal health.

Salon-Quality Care at Home

Indulge in salon-quality care in the comfort of your home. Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask brings the expertise of professional scalp treatment to your fingertips, ensuring that your scalp receives the care it deserves without leaving your home.

Confidence in a Healthy Scalp

Confidence starts with a healthy scalp, and Wella SP Balance Scalp Mask instills confidence in every application. Trust in the reliability of this mask to deliver a harmonized and revitalized scalp that sets the stage for gorgeous, vibrant hair.

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for sensitive scalps, intensive care calming and modifying made with a pH that is kind to skin relieves hair of tingling, burning, and other irrational reactions

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